What do Members in Hong Kong value when joining Boutique Fitness Gyms?

    With the rising population of people who are increasingly health-conscious, the fitness industry has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. Within the fitness industry, boutique fitness has become the new fashion.    What is ‘Boutique Fitness’? ​​A

Where should you open your Boutique Fitness Studio in Singapore?

    Finding the perfect location to serve your clients may be tricky and choosing where to set up your classes can make all the difference you need to serve your target market effectively. Consideration should be given to the

How do you hire the right instructor for your boutique fitness gym?

  After you successfully scale your studio, recruiting more instructors to adapt to the increased demand would be your first priority. With the increasing number of members, you might want to open up more classes to fill the demand from

What’s the Right Pricing Strategy for my Boutique Fitness Studio?

    A good pricing strategy can make all the difference to your boutique fitness business. For fitness entrepreneurs who are building your own fitness community, you may be thinking about how to develop and implement an effective and well

Sourcing for Fitness Equipment in Hong Kong

  Sourcing for fitness equipment would be top-of-mind when you are starting a fitness business. Where should I buy my equipment? How can I lower my cost? Especially for people who are starting a boutique fitness business, some considerations that

How do I start my own boutique fitness studio in Singapore?

(Nilov, 2021) Driven by evolving consumer preferences and a growing wellness trend, the boutique fitness industry in Singapore has been booming. New boutique fitness studios are popping up every now and then as millennials are continuously in pursuit of premium,

Where can you open your boutique fitness studio in Hong Kong?

    As more and more people begin to understand the importance of one’s health in the fast-paced city life, there has been a notable growth acceleration in the fitness & wellness industry in Hong Kong over the past 5

Market Outlook and Opportunities of the Boutique Fitness Industry in Asia

  Not all fitness classes are created equal. With consumers in search of wholly unique fitness experiences, boutique fitness studios are here to change the game by offering premium, specialized workouts in a community-focused setting. Boutique fitness studios have set

How has COVID-19 impacted Boutique Fitness businesses in Singapore?

  COVID-19 has led to major market disruptions but also fueled innovation and triumph. When analyzing the top fitness market in Asia, according to the global wellness studies, it is evident that Singapore and Hong Kong are experiencing optimistic growth.

Starting Your First Boutique Fitness Studio in Hong Kong

  Boutique fitness has become more popular in recent years. There is an increasing demand for boutique gyms as more people understand the unique experiences and community that only boutique gyms can offer. Based on an article by SCMP in