Sourcing for Fitness Equipment in Hong Kong

  Sourcing for fitness equipment would be top-of-mind when you are starting a fitness business. Where should I buy my equipment? How can I lower my cost? Especially for people who are starting a boutique fitness business, some considerations that

How do I start my own boutique fitness studio in Singapore?

(Nilov, 2021) Driven by evolving consumer preferences and a growing wellness trend, the boutique fitness industry in Singapore has been booming. New boutique fitness studios are popping up every now and then as millennials are continuously in pursuit of premium,

Where can you open your boutique fitness studio in Hong Kong?

    As more and more people begin to understand the importance of one’s health in the fast-paced city life, there has been a notable growth acceleration in the fitness & wellness industry in Hong Kong over the past 5

Market Outlook and Opportunities of the Boutique Fitness Industry in Asia

  Not all fitness classes are created equal. With consumers in search of wholly unique fitness experiences, boutique fitness studios are here to change the game by offering premium, specialized workouts in a community-focused setting. Boutique fitness studios have set

How has COVID-19 impacted Boutique Fitness businesses in Singapore?

  COVID-19 has led to major market disruptions but also fueled innovation and triumph. When analyzing the top fitness market in Asia, according to the global wellness studies, it is evident that Singapore and Hong Kong are experiencing optimistic growth.

Starting Your First Boutique Fitness Studio in Hong Kong

  Boutique fitness has become more popular in recent years. There is an increasing demand for boutique gyms as more people understand the unique experiences and community that only boutique gyms can offer. Based on an article by SCMP in

Has COVID-19 brought about new opportunities for boutique fitness in Hong Kong?

  It’s no surprise that the fitness industry has been severely affected by COVID-19 in the past year. Around 1000 fitness centres in Hong Kong were in a lockdown for more than 6 months due to the intense spread of

Boutique Fitness in Asia : Trends behind the meteoric rise

Boutique Fitness is all the rage in Asia as several young, dynamic and passionate individuals are starting their own boutique fitness establishments. The market seems to be growing exponentially with renowned names such as Orangetheory Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp and F45

How do you build a sustainable fitness movement?

In our second edition of #FAMFEATURE, we interviewed our fitfam Iris & Shaun, co-founders of IS MATRIX, who aim to educate people to incorporate Fitness as a Lifestyle, rather than a tool for intensive short-term weight loss.  IS Matrix started in

How easy is it to start a Pilates studio in Singapore?

  In this first edition of #FAMFEATURE, we interviewed our fitfam Jamie, who recently started Fitfoo, with a simple mission to make people feel good and walk taller.  Fitfoo was born on 18 Jan 2021 But Jamie has been a