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The best gift is the gift of health. Let your team decide their favourite way to sweat with vibefam’s community of partners.

Pilates promotes mobility and strength, helps improve posture, flexibility and body awareness. Enjoy Reformer and Mat Pilates classes on vibefam.

An effective calorie burner, strength and conditioning workouts makes you stronger and boost metabolism and cardio health. Enjoy outdoor bootcamps and group strength training classes on vibefam.

A major stress reliever, Muay Thai and Boxing improves agility and builds strength and balance. Join Muay Thai classes with top trainers in Singapore on vibefam. 

Needless to say, Yoga improves flexibility and helps with stress relief. Begin your yoga practice with yoga classes on vibefam. 

Need closer guidance and advice on how to get stronger? Access top quality personal trainers on vibefam.

Dance like nobody’s watching! Access rebounder and dance classes on vibefam to unleash that inner diva. 

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    • 50 credits
    • Up to 3 classes per month
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    • 85 credits
    • Up to 5 classes per month
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