Top 5 boutique fitness classes in

Top 5 boutique fitness classes in Hong Kong

Over the past decade, Hong Kongers are paying more attention to their health. Fitness is prevalent, and more people are choosing to be actively engaged in the fitness industry. There is no doubt that this is a growing industry, but in this highly competitive space where trends come and go, it is important that you understand the preferences of your target audience. Here are the top 5 boutique fitness trends in Hong Kong: 


1. Yoga

The yoga industry in Hong Kong is experiencing exponential growth, and practicing yoga or becoming a yoga teacher has never been so popular. The number of yoga studios continues to rise. With so many different types of yoga out there, the demand for a diverse range of classes is stronger than ever. Unsurprisingly, some common reasons for starting out in yoga include stress and tension relief to the desire to unplug from technology. Studies have shown that 87% of people leave in a better mood when they leave the yoga studio. Not only are yoga classes rising in popularity, we have also seen the booming success of Yoga Teacher Training workshops across the city, with more aspiring Yoga instructors signing up for these courses. 



2. Pilates and Barre

Pilates, which has emerged in Hong Kong in recent years, is a full-body exercise that uses slow and controlled exercise to strengthen the body’s main muscle groups, which allow people to focus on training core strength and improving one’s posture. For many, it is an attractive alternative to high-intensity workouts especially when they have suffered from prior injuries. 


Barre, on the other hand, is a ballet-inspired workout that includes elements of Pilates and Yoga, a low-impact exercise technique that drives the entire body through controlled exercises. Barre courses are popular because they are safe and shape the body quickly, allowing you to experience an improvement in length, strength, and flexibility.



3. Dance

Dance is a fun way to get a workout in. Different dance styles are welcomed by Hong Kongers, from hip-hop, samba to Latin dance, etc. In recent years, influenced by the Korean Wave, dance classes have experienced a roaring success amongst the younger crowd in Hong Kong. With music, rhythm and beats, it’s unsurprising that dancing can be an addictive form of movement and workout.



4. Boxing

From Muay Thai to Taekwondo, martial arts have been popular amongst fitness enthusiasts in the past few years. There is no shortage of splendid boxing studios in Hong Kong, which provide different levels of boxing training, combining aerobics and strength training, while honing participants’ reflexes and agility. Boxing provides functional fitness and high-intensity exercises. Whether you are considering boxing as a form of self-defensive or looking for a different form of high-intensity exercise, there is an abundance of boxing classes and gyms that you can find in Hong Kong.



5. Indoor Cycling

With the growing interest in strength and rhythm training, indoor spin classes are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong every year. Indoor cycling sessions can help you lose calories, improve heart health, and build muscle endurance.

For the younger crowd, indoor spin classes provide an immersive environment with flashing lights and upbeat music that keeps them coming back for more.




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This article was written by Annissa Lee Nga Yin.

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