How to become a Personal Trainer in Singapore

How to become a Personal Trainer in Singapore Planning to expand your passion for health and fitness into a career in Personal Training? This is a fulfilling and rewarding job if you’re someone who is passionate about helping others reach

What to consider before starting your own fitness studio?

Things to consider before starting your own fitness business  Thinking of starting a boutique fitness studio? The fitness industry is continuing to grow and evolve steadily post-pandemic. The global health and fitness industry is projected to expand by more than

Cheaper alternatives to MindBody

Cheaper alternatives to Mindbody Is MindBody starting to cause a strain on your budget? Are you looking for alternatives to manage your bookings, members, and packages? If MindBody just does not seem to be the right fit of a booking

Where can I rent a yoga studio by the hour in Singapore?

Where can I rent a yoga studio by the hour in Singapore? In one of our past blog posts, we talked about some of the outdoor spaces in Singapore that you can rent for free to conduct your fitness classes

Pricing your fitness package in Singapore

Pricing your fitness package in Singapore Adopting the right pricing strategy is instrumental to the success of your fitness business. One way to ascertain the value that you are providing, is to benchmark against similar offerings by other businesses and

How can I finance my boutique fitness studio in Singapore?

Starting your own Boutique Fitness Studio requires a decent amount of capital. There are numerous expenses that you will need to consider ranging from rent to employee salaries. All of these costs can pile up quickly and you might find

How much should you price your class packages?

  If you own your own boutique fitness business, you might appreciate that determining the right price strategy is a complex and critical process. Establishing the right pricing model is a key success factor to building a sustainable business. Here

What are the payment methods that I should accept in my gym in Hong Kong?

Having an efficient payment system can provide your customers with a smooth membership experience, especially for the fast-growing small fitness studios. By enabling an easy payment process, you can focus your time on broader business goals and strategies. In a

What is the Right Compensation for your Fitness Instructors in Asia?

  As the owner of a boutique fitness studio, it is your duty to ensure that a proper and consistent payment plan for your fitness instructors is implemented. Having a clear hiring strategy plays a vital role in your business

What’s the Right Pricing Strategy for my Boutique Fitness Studio?

    A good pricing strategy can make all the difference to your boutique fitness business. For fitness entrepreneurs who are building your own fitness community, you may be thinking about how to develop and implement an effective and well