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In this first edition of #FAMFEATURE,
we interviewed our fitfam Jamie, who recently started Fitfoo, with a simple mission to make people feel good and walk taller. 

Fitfoo was born on 18 Jan 2021

But Jamie has been a Fitness Instructor for more than 10 years before this! She was even a Fitness Training Lecturer… she literally lives and breathes Fitness and Pilates! 


Jamie’s last name is Foo…  No prizes for guessing why she named her studio Fitfoo! 

What were some challenges that you faced during this journey?

Managing my own time and clients is something I really enjoy. However, having to build something from scratch and managing every detail myself was really challenging. I had to be constantly on the lookout for resources available for me to market my brand and get the Fitfoo brand out. I had to work hard to attract new clients through word-of-mouth and social media marketing! 

Having a proper booking system for my clients to manage their bookings was also important to me, because I valued their booking experience as much as the experience that they get when they join me for class. Many of the booking solutions out there were too expensive for me.. I am glad I found vibefam – happy to be supporting our local fitness booking app and being part of this growing community! 
Jamie runs her classes at Core Collective, a beautiful co-working space at Anson and Dempsey. 
She offers Reformer, Pilates Mat, TRX SHIIT and Pre & Post Natal Mat classes! 

What are her Hopes and Dreams for 2021

1. Better Trainers in the Fitness Industry 2. More sharing of co-working spaces 3. Happier Clients 4. More awareness about the benefits of Pilates!


What can we look forward to in 2021?

More classes in the weekly schedule! I hope that members will also set monthly goals to improve themselves. 

Final Question: What keeps you up at night?

Jamie says.. it’s Netflix 😉 

Fitfoo’s classes are released on the vibefam app 2 weeks before the class starts.
Book your spot early because many of her classes are fully booked!  

Download the vibefam app here if you are on iOS; and here if you are on Android. And if you’re a fitness entrepreneur looking for a booking solution to grow your community, find out more about what we offer and schedule a call with us here


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