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In our second edition of #FAMFEATURE, we interviewed our fitfam Iris & Shaun, co-founders of IS MATRIX, who aim to educate people to incorporate Fitness as a Lifestyle, rather than a tool for intensive short-term weight loss. 

IS Matrix started in July 2020

But Iris & Shaun have been Fitness and Personal trainers for years before that! The duo wanted to reach out to more people and help them with their fitness goals.

Their mission was to encourage and empower ladies to get fitter and stronger, steering away from the traditional “skinny” mindset; and for guys to strive for a leaner body to increase their self-confidence.

Fitness in Singapore
Well… any guesses on why the duo named their studio IS MATRIX? 

Hint: Iris…. Shaun…..

What are your hopes and dreams for the industry?

COVID really took a hit on the fitness industry, especially during circuit breaker when we were all pushed out of our comfort zones to explore new ways of educating fitness. To ensure that we could create a safe environment for our members, we had to abide by capacity limits & even explore virtual offerings. 

As we gradually recover, we hope that everyone will embrace movement and not take it for granted. Look at fitness as part of a lifestyle rather than a tool for an intensive short-term weight loss. Only with such a mindset, can Fitness be sustainable!

Iris & Shaun conduct classes at Marymount, in a studio space just 2 minutes walk away from Marymount MRT. 

They offer an amazing variety of classes:
1) Yoga
3) Body Conditioning
4) Muay Thai Fitness
5) Circuit Training

There is truly something for everyone!

What can members look forward to in 2021?

More interesting & engaging content in 2021! We constantly gather feedback from our members in order to improve our class content. We are really looking forward to rolling out new offerings for all of our members.

Building a tight-knit community is really important for IS MATRIX, because social connections are so crucial in helping us stick with our goals and find meaning in what we do. Join us in class, and be a part of our fitness movement!

Being Fitness Buffs, I wonder what keeps Shaun and Iris awake at night? 

Well, it’s no surprise that the duo have set high expectations for themselves. The worry of not being able to provide excellent class content for their members keeps them up at night, so they spend hours enriching themselves so that they can catalyze a positive reaction in this budding fitness movement.  
Download the vibefam app here if you are on iOS; and here if you are on Android.  And if you’re a fitness entrepreneur looking for a booking solution to grow your community, find out more about what we offer and schedule a call with us here




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