Cheaper alternatives to MindBody

Cheaper alternatives to Mindbody

Is MindBody starting to cause a strain on your budget? Are you looking for alternatives to manage your bookings, members, and packages? If MindBody just does not seem to be the right fit of a booking solution for you, or it’s hefty fees are getting a bit too much, we give you a rundown on some cheaper alternatives to MindBody that you can consider!






vibefam is a Singapore-based booking solution targeted at boutique fitness studios with clients from SG and HK onboard, with one of the most affordable plans starting at S$59/month. vibefam’s front-end interface is a mobile application while the back-end interface is on the web. This booking solution has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to understand which is one of its main benefits apart from the affordable costs. The platform allows for 1-1 private appointment and group classes as well as keeping track of bookings, members, instructors payroll, sales and revenue. The system also generates dashboards on the analytics of such metrics. Most importantly, vibefam provides 24/7 customer support, free data migration and efficient onboarding time of 1.5 hours. However, one of the only downsides of vibefam is that it is not yet integrated with Classpass.


  Acuity Scheduling



Acuity Scheduling is a web based scheduling and payment software that uses a user-friendly interface that is fairly simple to learn. They are known for their flexible features for scheduling appointments that can accommodate many different types of businesses. Furthermore, they are also integrated with Classpass! While this affordable solution has plans starting from as low as US$14/month (S$19/month), similar to MindBody, you may need to sign up and pay for a number of other apps that it integrates with in order to get full functionality from the software which could add up to greater costs. One main downside that users have brought up is that Acuity Scheduling does not feature mobile applications or even customer support via phone. Any issues are dealt with via email or video tutorials that are available on their website. There is also feedback that the platform allows students to book into classes without paying so manual process of checking for payments is needed as well. They also do not offer free data migration. 





glofox is one of the bigger names amongst the booking solutions for fitness studios. Their user interface is known for being friendly and well-equipped for a medium-size studio and is integrated with Classpass. With plans starting at US$129/month (S$175/month), glofox provides reporting features reviewing key metrics like membership sales, attendance rates and failed payments. They also offer an option of a member app or standalone app which might be useful for certain fitness studios. Do note that there are additional costs for the branded app. However, many clients have feedback that they have a slow support team, their system is glitchy and the platform has many complex features that may not be necessary which makes them feel that they are paying more than they need to. There was also a report of a possible global data breach late last year though glofox never released an official statement about it.





punchpass is a straight to the point web-based booking solution with affordable plans starting at US$34/month (S$46/month). Many praise the solution for its easy to use and simple interface as well as punchpass’s efficient support team. However, the system offers only very basic scheduling features that lacks the depth of features that the other solutions above offer. punchpass does also require downloading a number of different apps in order to fulfill all of the software functions that you need to run your business, as MindBody does. They are also not integrated with Classpass.

Overall, vibefam is the only app that is affordable and doesn’t require downloading other apps to fulfill all the software functions. Thus, if you are interested you can click here to organize a product demo call with vibefam today!

This article was written by Kwok Shu Ning.


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