How to leverage technology to create

How to leverage technology to create a seamless experience for customers?

The fitness industry has been severely affected by COVID-19 in the past year. The fitness centers need to think of ways to provide better services and attract more new customers, therefore, leveraging technology is a way to optimize their business management. Online booking solutions help to optimize their management processes and let their customers get an impressive and innovative fitness experience.


1. Improve the customer experience in your gym




With an online booking solution, your fitness studio is open for booking at all times in the day. This means your customers can access your offerings whenever it’s convenient for them, rather than having to wait for working hours at your studio to call a receptionist to make their booking. In such a saturated boutique fitness market, ease of purchase and booking is critical in optimizing customer service and experience. 


Automatic notifications is another key touchpoint that you can build for your customers. Help your customers build a sense of confidence and assurance in your fitness studio by automating email confirmations whenever they purchase a membership from you; and send them in-app push notifications to remind them about upcoming classes or cancellations so they never miss a class. 


2. Attract new members




Apart from relying on word-of-mouth, some booking solutions allow you to be discovered by potential new clients on the platform. This increases your brand visibility and helps you build traction in the initial stages of your business. 


To complement your marketing efforts, providing digital coupons for trial classes or discounts to membership packages may attract new members to join your fitness studio and purchase your memberships. 


3. Get to know your most loyal customer better




Having a digital system for your fitness studio is one of the best ways to learn more about your audience. Common data insights that you can expect to get include the total amount of spend by each member and the popularity of your classes. By analyzing business data, you get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your pricing and retention strategies. For example, understanding your customer demographics may allow you to segment your customers. Complementing customer insights with business performance can help you refine communication, pricing and marketing strategy to bring your business to the next level. 


4. Elevate your Fitness Community




A mobile booking app helps you to promote your fitness classes by enabling community building to be accelerated. For example, on vibefam, we take pride in enabling a community-based booking experience. This means that users can engage in group chats with their classmates and instructors, and share pictures of their experiences in class, becoming your brand ambassadors. Building positive reviews is an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy that helps to increase sales and marketing opportunities. 



With the benefits mentioned above, vibefam provides different features and makes things easy for you! We take care of class scheduling, member engagement, and studio analytics. Nothing beats having a friendly team behind you, supporting you every step of the way. Find out more about what we offer here or schedule a personalized demo with us here



This article was written by Annissa Lee Nga Yin.







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