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Whether is it a reformer pilates studio or muay thai gym, fitness entrepreneurs can relate to the feeling of having a provoking inspiration and eventually manifesting that idea. In this blog, we interviewed Jeevi, the founder of AfrowithJeevi, a one-of-a-kind african dance fitness class in Singapore. Incorporating lively beats and rhythms of Africa, predominantly Afrobeats from West Africa into her classes, Jeevi is not only an encouraging instructor but the archetype of an individual with an immense entrepreneurial drive. 

1. It started out with wanting something different 

The entrepreneurial spark usually starts from a dream. As said by Albert Einstein: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”. When one sees the potential in an idea and dreams of its infinite possibilities, it becomes fuel for the entrepreneur. For AfrowithJeevi, it started out with wanting to spread the joy of African dance. Previously a full time sports psychologist, Jeevi decided to combine both her worlds and dedicate more time and energy on AfrowithJeevi after the COVID-19 pandemic. The joy and connection from African dance is liberating, it gave Jeevi the freedom to push her boundaries and move her body in ways it has not before. This was the spark that ignited her brand ethos of Dance, Connect and Push Boundaries. 

2. Expanding your tribe

Once your business is launched in the red or blue ocean, an entrepreneur will likely be concerned with means of expansion. For Jeevi, building her brand was the priority. Afro Dance is unique in Singapore, hence, AfrowithJeevi is not only a fitness dance class but a harbinger of culture exchange and immersion. 

Collaborating with other talents and businesses is one way for Jeevi to build brand awareness. Recently, AfrowithJeevi collaborated with Singapore Only Dance to bring in guest afro dance artist Mubanga to host lively dance classes in Singapore. Such events are a fun way to appreciate the diverse african dance culture and to familiarize Singaporeans with the brand AfrowithJeevi. Another way to expand a new business will be joining local events to teach a class and promote your studio’s offerings. For example, vibefam hosts an annual fundraiser event Fitness For Wishes where local trainers and vendors volunteer to conduct invigorating classes. Local events act as a good touchpoint with fitness enthusiasts who can form your loyal customer base.

3. “Basically doing everything”  

The brutal reality of being a solo entrepreneur slowly sinks in. Jeevi describes her experience of “basically doing everything” with a weary smile, having to worry about finances, marketing, administrative matters and even the choreography of her classes is akin to being “pulled in all directions. Nevertheless, a key way to manage your business as a solo entrepreneur is to automate your business processes and outsource when needed. Being a partner of vibefam, Jeevi depicts vibefam to be a useful tool for her business. Besides having good customer support and classpass integration, Jeevi explains that it is “more than just a booking platform, with marketing tools and ways to help those on their platform grow their business too”. With automation, your journey as a solo entrepreneur is made easier as less time is wasted on administrative burdens and more on building your business. 


In conclusion, embarking on your journey of entrepreneurship may be intimidating and overwhelming. With a feasible plan of action and the right tools to aid your business, your rate of success will definitely increase. Henceforth, dream big and sail on. 

This article was written by Kelly Low.

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