How has COVID-19 impacted Boutique Fitness


COVID-19 has led to major market disruptions but also fueled innovation and triumph. When analyzing the top fitness market in Asia, according to the global wellness studies, it is evident that Singapore and Hong Kong are experiencing optimistic growth. Based on insights presented by FIT Summit, the new trend of boutique fitness has revolutionized the fitness world with customers shifting from one size fits all to specialized services. This growth has sparked a ray of hope for the fitness world with many entrepreneurs such as Alex De Fina saying, “The boutique fitness sector has incredible opportunity to create opportunity.”


Many studios still feel the need for more physical interaction although as of 21st June, the Ministry of Health (Singapore) has made their stance clear that “Gyms and fitness studios may resume indoor mask-off sports/ exercise activities in group sizes of up to 2 persons, and in classes of up to 30 persons including the instructor.” With a decrease in class sizes, many studios have taken the opportunity to rebuild their community by offering more value such as through personalized packages to members who purchase recurring memberships. This may be an ideal opportunity to create customer loyalty.

Many boutique fitness owners have decided to get creative about the way they serve customers. During the heightened alert period in Singapore, many studios were forced to close their doors physically. In many cases it is safe to say that tragedy did spark genius among studio owners who have opted to adopt a virtual approach to instructing. This has been done to minimize the risk through close contact activities. An example of a boutique fitness studio adapting to the new virtual norm includes Union Yoga Ayurveda, which pivoted almost completely to virtual offerings during the studio and gym closures, continuing to deliver value to their community of members.


Union Yoga


At this time of writing, the Ministry of Health in Singapore is still actively trying to contain community cases and has released new imposed laws stating that outdoor exercise classes organized by enterprises such as a registered instructor can take place only with up to 30 persons (inclusive of instructor), as well as social distancing of 2 meters between individuals and 3 meters between groups. Many studio owners have capitalized on this opportunity to continue delivering classes to their members through outdoor classes. The Daily Movement is a fitness community based in Singapore that conducts outdoor fitness bootcamps.


The Daily Movement 1

Despite these challenges, there has been an overwhelming sense of positivity surrounding the future of boutique fitness. As new opportunities arise, we have observed many new boutique studios surfacing in Singapore such as Trapeze and B.E. Pilates, businesses that beat the odds and launched during the COVID-19 period. 

Trapeze is a fully inclusive wellness studio offering services including a cafe, yoga studio, gymnasium, reflexology lounge, outdoor cold plunge and sauna. They believe in the wellness of the mind and body which is much needed during this stressful pandemic.
B.E. Pilates is a fitness studio concept founded by Influencer Eugena Bay, which specializes in mat and reformer-based Pilates and promotes strength and balanced muscle development. The classes offered caters to all fitness levels and invites clients from all walks of life.
b.e. pilates

To conclude, it is evident that many boutique studios are focusing on recovery and retention with the gradual relaxation of regulations by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

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This article was written by Kimera Naidoo



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