How to design an engaging logo

How to design an engaging logo for your fitness studio in Singapore?

When you think of big corporations like Apple or Mcdonald’s, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? From the iconic Apple-shaped logo that is half-eaten, to the famous golden arches of McDonald’s. These companies are prime examples of businesses that have established an exceptional brand logo that has become synonymous with its brand.

Consequently, this could be applied to your very own fitness studio. Many popular fitness studios such as Anytime Fitness have well-known and engaging logos too. With the advancement of technology, it is crucial to design a logo that will make you stand out from the rest. In this blog, we will go through the factors that you need to consider to design an engaging logo for your fitness studio in Singapore.


Identify your target audience

Firstly, it is critical to understand your target audience so as to appeal to your specific customer base. It is important to understand every gym or fitness studio caters to different customers of varying demographics. For instance, a boxing gym tends to attract a customer base that consists of mostly working adults. Conversely, martial arts studios such as karate and taekwondo tend to have many classes catered for children as well.

An example would be vibefam, with our unique logo showcasing 3 kettlebells being interlocked. Kettlebells are a common fitness equipment present in many gyms and fitness studios. As a result, this allows our logo to resonate with our target market which is the fitness industry. Hence, it is crucial for you to conduct some research on your target audience before designing your logo. If you are keen on checking out vibefam and its logo, make sure to visit our website here.


Brand value and mission statement

Secondly, the values of the studio must also be reflected in the logo. This allows your studio’s logo to have some sort of meaning behind its design and coloring. Take the SG50 logo for example, its logo was not designed with just a simple circle with the color red. The design of the logo actually carries deep historical meaning, taking reference from Singapore’s past.

During the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, then Indonesian President B.J. Habibie referred to Singapore as “The Little Red Dot” (mostly in a negative light). He felt that the Singaporean government did not embrace his succession and mocked its ASEAN counterpart. As a result of this incident, the designer for Singapore’s 50th anniversary logo embraced the idea and took inspiration from such remarks. Ultimately, the SG50 logo as we currently know was designed, giving credit to Singapore’s now famous nickname.

This is an example of how a logo can be designed based on different meanings and references. This can be applied into the design of the logo in your fitness business. Furthermore, consider the color and shapes used in the logo to represent the values of your fitness studio in a creative way. If you are curious to find out more about historical meaning behind the design of the SG50 logo, the link to an article can be found here.


Understand your business’s USP

Thirdly, understanding your fitness studio unique selling point, commonly referred to as USP. Your logo should capitalize on your studio’s USP in order to differentiate itself from its competitors. Due to this factor, many businesses have come up with fun and creative ways to incorporate their company’s USP into their brand logo.




Take a look at Amazon’s logo, the arrow pointing for A to Z is a representation of the company’s ability to provide every item possible on their platform. The logo symbolizes Amazon’s ability as a platform where you will find everything you need from A to Z. Therefore, you can find a creative way to slot in your company’s USP into your logo such as Amazon to intrigue customers and effectively create a unique logo!


Choosing the type of logo

Furthermore, there are many types of logos that can be used such as a lettermark, wordmark, pictorial mark etc. Moreover, different types of logos leave varying impressions and tend to convey different meanings. It is important to consider the medium that your company uses and wants to represent the most, then choose the type of logo most suited for that particular medium.


Practicality of the logo

Lastly, we must consider the practical function of the logo as after all, the point of a logo is to be widely displayed. The design of the logo has to look good in both 2D and 3D forms. Why is that the case you may ask? Well the logo may be displayed on walls/interior design and also for merchandising purposes when branding your own equipment! Moreover, another important aspect is the cost, the more colorful the logo, the more expensive it is as it requires more ink for printing purposes. These are all very important practical aspects of the logo that must also be considered before designing an engaging logo!



In summary, there are many factors to consider when designing an engaging logo for your fitness studio. There are many other factors not covered in this blog that must be considered when designing your logo. For that reason, make sure to conduct proper research regarding the various other factors that needs to be addressed before doing so. If you are interested in similar articles such as this, check out our previous blog on how to market and grow your boutique fitness studio in 2023 here.

This article is written by Jayden Ling.

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