Where can I hire yoga instructors

Where can I hire yoga instructors in Hong Kong?


Talent recruitment is a constant process, and it can be tedious work if you don’t know where to find the right talent for your brand. In the fitness industry, trust and ownership of your employees play a major part in scaling your business, even more so in the yoga practitioner family.  Check out what we have to recommend for channels and platforms where you might be able to find and hire the right yoga instructor for your studio in Hong Kong! 


   1. Convert your own student!



Based on research by Uplifted Yoga, for every yoga teacher that you can find, there are approximately two other people who would be interested in also becoming a yoga teacher. Instead of spending money on acquiring new teachers, why not skip these parts of the hiring and trust building process by curating your own teacher training courses so that you can train these potentials up so that they will be able to deliver classes up to your standards? Not only can you control the quality of their classes, you can also take the process to build trust and connection with them before they start taking on classes in your studio. 


   2. Hunt for them in social communities!

There are 2 main traits of yogis that makes them relatively easy to identify and approach. Most yogis are very proud to be a yogi, and many of them actively engage in yoga communities. What better way than to approach them where they proudly share their passion? Here are some channels or platforms you can try actively recruiting yogis for your studio.


a. Instagram


Like we mentioned previously, most yogis are proud and passionate. Many yogis regularly share their yoga journey on their Instagram account. You can try searching for yoga-related keywords like RYT 200 which would direct you to the right profiles who are already qualified to teach. 



or hashtag like #yogahongkong



Find someone who might fit into your studio’s profile? Simply hit them up with a direct message on instagram. We love how social media has democratized recruitment! 


b. Facebook groups


On Facebook, you can find countless active interest groups. Similar to Instagram, all you need to do would be to search the relevant keyword, for example ‘Yoga Hong Kong’, and you will be able to find both public and private groups relevant to the search. Here are some Yoga groups in Hong Kong you might be interested to join


  1. Yoga Lover Group Hong Kong (Private): https://www.facebook.com/groups/yogalovers

  2. Yoga Teacher Community in Hong Kong and Macau (Private): https://www.facebook.com/groups/488379447871288?action_source=group_mall_recommendation_affordance


After your request is accepted, you will be able to see the posts and member list of the group. You could write a job posting announcement or go through the members list and actively approach those who fit your criteria. In addition, many posts in Facebook groups are dedicated to promoting events or workshops. Joining yoga related workshops could also be another indirect way to build relationships and recruit talent to your studio.


 c. Join local yoga community


Local yoga community is a great place to start building and nurturing relationships with fellow yogis. While there are not many yoga organizations in Hong Kong, there is one popular non-profit yoga organization, Andiappan Yoga Community. They are a fully volunteer organization whose mission is to share yoga with those who may not be able to afford yoga classes or those who may have special needs or circumstances. There are 695 registered volunteers in the Andiappan Yoga Community, a huge member base where you might be able to find qualified instructors! 


   3. Posting job opening on job boards



Here are some of the most popular job board sites in Hong Kong,



Pricing Plan 

Free Option


US$ 0.1 per click up to US$ 5 per post

Jobs DB

Upon quotation


US$ 199 – US$ 699/month


Online job postings are undoubtedly the most precedent method used in the corporate hiring process. The process is more automated, and there are data analytics supporting the process. However, the talent acquisition cost of this method is high which makes it less feasible for small-medium sized studios. Furthermore, the fitness industry talent requirements are vastly different from larger commercial corporations. Relying only on job posting will not be sufficient to attract the right kind of talent for your studio. 


While there might be some other channels to find and recruit your talent, here we have summarized what we believe to be the more relevant and resource-effective way to find yoga instructors for hire in Hong Kong. Still, the most important task in the boutique fitness industry is to build a community for your business, and here in vibefam, we can help you with that. Schedule a chat with us now to find out how we can help you build your community and scale your business!


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