Will building a sustainable gym be

An environmentally friendly business can be simply defined as a business that does not harm the environment. A key factor these businesses consider will be ways to cut carbon emissions in their business operations. In the case of fitness studios, there are many steps along the operations process that can be modified to be environmentally friendly: 

Setup of studio 

Use natural lighting 

All studios require good lighting for functional, aesthetic and filming purposes. Most studios use spotlights or brightly lit LED lights to brighten up the space. However, lighting is highly energy consuming when switched on for hours and hours. The first step an environmentally conscious studio might take will be to install large windows that allow natural light to illuminate the space. This is a win-win solution as it saves a significant amount of energy consumed and reduces utilities expenses for the business. 

Use sustainable flooring mats

Flooring mats are typically made of rubber, however, these conventional rubber mats often consist of non-degradable and ecologically harmful chemicals like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Phthalates (SVOC). Consider opting for mats made of natural rubber or even new materials like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) made gym flooring, which is entirely recyclable and biodegradableSince the flooring of fitness studios are often subjected to wear and tear due to rough use, gyms can consider investing in interlocking rubber tiles that allows flooring to be replaced by parts. This reduces waste and increases the lifespan of your studio’s flooring.

Toilet and shower facilities

Simple practices like using hand towels instead of tissues and providing environmentally friendly soap is a step towards building your green studio. Furthermore, installing water saving faucets like taps with flow limiting aerators can cut down on excess water consumption.

Can environmental sustainability and profitability go hand in hand?

As a business, your ultimate goal will inadvertently be to maximize profits. Many might not see the value in investing in green alternatives as it may be more expensive than the usual non- environmentally friendly options. Nevertheless, there are two key reasons why environmental sustainability is important:

Firstly, the higher price tag of environmentally friendly installations can be justified by its cost-saving ability. Cutting down on the use of artificial lights and water can save on utilities expenses for your studio. With the cost of utilities rising, installation that will reduce the overall use of these utilities presents to be a worthy investment. For example, local gym Green Curve uses recycled rubber flooring as it is environmentally friendly and even extends the lifespan of flooring. 

Secondly, an eco-friendly gym builds an ideal brand image for your business. Studies have shown that three in four millennials and 72% of Generation Z consumers are more willing to pay more for sustainable products. Hence, this reflects a shift in perception towards prioritizing sustainability, even over price, as reflected in the study. Keeping up with consumer perceptions and behavior is key for building a good brand image, bringing in new clients and generating more revenue for your studio. 

Environmentally sustainable gym equipments 

To further your studio’s environmental cause, you can capitalize on trending innovations to take eco friendliness to the next level. Self-powered treadmills are rising in popularity as they are powered by the force of the user, allowing him/her to be in full control over the speed of the treadmill. 

To not only save but generate energy, consider investing in these energy-generating indoor bicycles that can heavily reduce its reliance on external energy sources. 

Lastly, gym equipment can be made less environmentally damaging by choosing equipment with natural materials. For example, traditional dumbbells are often coated in rubber or even plastic. However, choosing dumbbells made of wood largely reduces the environmental impact of your gym equipment. 


In conclusion, being an environmentally friendly fitness studio may seem secondary, considering how studio owners may prioritize facilitating classes, choosing the right workouts and managing the customer’s studio experience. However, aside from the benefits mentioned in the blog, many businesses are taking a step towards committing to green movements. Hence, being environmentally friendly may be the next big trend in the fitness industry.

This article was written by Kelly Low.

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