5 MUST-GO Fitness Gems hidden in

5 MUST-GO Fitness Gems hidden in Singapore!

Tired of the boring gym routine of lifting the same weights over and over again? Eager to try something new? Running out of date ideas with your partner? vibefam has the perfect solution for you! 

Ready? Let’s check them out!

 1. Skyline Aqua – Where Workouts Floats on Water  

Imagine doing burpees and yoga poses while floating on water. Introducing – Skyline Aqua! Nestled at Beach Road, Skyline Aqua takes your fitness to a whole new level. 

Dive into their classes (pun intended) for an adrenaline-pumping full-body workout and a journey of tranquillity. Get ready to be amazed as we experience fitness in an im-possible (pun intended) way! 


Trial Class: SGD 35

Normal Classes: From SGD 25

Last Minute Deals on vibefam: From SGD 25 

2. Bliss Shala: Where Wellness Meets Inner Peace

In the heart of our city at Ang Mo Kio, there’s a sanctuary of self-acceptance and personal growth – Bliss Shala. Tucked away in a cozy home studio with it’s sole mission to take clients “Beyond Themselves.” Amidst Singapore’s hectic culture, Bliss Shala offers a respite for all our mind, body, and soul.

Their team of dedicated instructors creates a non-judgmental and empowering environment where we all can explore various yoga positions. Be it Vinyasa, Kundalini, or Hatha, the journey of discovering ourselves begins at Bliss Shala!


Trial Class: SGD  35

Normal Classes: From SGD 29

Last Minute Deals on vibefam: From SGD 13

3. AfroWithJeevi: Groove to African Beats

If your fitness goals includes grooving to infectious beats, look no further than AfroWithJeevi. They’ve brought the vibrant world of African Dance Fitness to Singapore. Inspired by Afrobeats—a genre that’s taking the world by storm!

From Azonto to Zanku, we’ll learn moves that will make us all feel like Michael Jackson. And the best part? It’s for everyone! No matter our age, background, or fitness level, we’re all welcomed to join the Afrobeats dance party. Get ready to shake, shimmy, and most importantly, lose calories!


Trial Class: SGD 25

Normal Classes: From SGD 25

Last Minute Deals on vibefam: From SGD 20

4. The Daily Movement: Your Path to Sustainable Wellness

For those who believe in fitness with a purpose, look no further than The Daily Movement! This local-based fitness and wellness provider doesn’t just offer classes: they’re on a (possible) mission. 

Their mission began during COVID, and they’ve been dedicated to providing sustainable, inclusive, and affordable fitness experiences all over Singapore ever since. From outdoor bootcamps to corporate wellness programs, they’ve got it all covered. You want it? They have it. 


Trial Class: FREE

Normal Classes: From SGD 15

Last Minute Deals on vibefam: From SGD 13

5. Tipsy Unicorn Beach Club X Fitness Classes

Feeling that familiar pang of guilt after indulgent meals and parties? Ready to kill 2 birds with one stone? Well, they’ve got the perfect solution for you – their exclusive fitness class right here on Sentosa Island!

At Tipsy Unicorn, they’ve cracked the code on guilt-free indulgence. Join their in-house fitness classes to enjoy all the food and drinks your heart desires without that lingering guilt. Their Secret? Dedicated coaches who’ll ensure that you torch the maximum calories during your workout.


Trial Class: SGD 30

Normal Classes: From SGD 20

Last Minute Deals on vibefam: From SGD 20


It’s time to break away from the mundane “Wake up. Go to Work. Go Home. Go to Bed” routine. Let us all do something that we will thank ourselves for. Let us all begin the transformation of our body, mind, and spirit, together! Singapore’s hidden fitness treasures are waiting — Let’s unearth them together!

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This article was written by Jaren Wong.

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