5 Training Spaces in Singapore for

5 Training Spaces in Singapore for Freelance Personal Trainers and Instructors

Are you a freelance trainer looking for a dynamic location to conduct lessons for your clients? Fret not, because in this blog, we will explore a list of places that provides all the necessary facilities and amenities, while enhancing the fitness experience for you and your clients! From scenic outdoor spaces to conducive indoor studios, get ready to dive into the world of unique places where you can shine as a freelance fitness trainer.


Brief Overview

Location Type of location Cost Facilities Address Nearest Mrt
Fort Canning Park Outdoor Free Natural Hill (Slopes and Stairs)

Parks (Slides)

70 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037 Fort Canning Mrt
Unstoppable Fitness Gym S$30 per hour (depending on the package) Gym Equipment

Exclusive Amenities

Marketing Exposure

3 Shenton Way, #03-06a Shenton House, Singapore 068805 Shenton Way Mrt
Sports ActiveSG @ Clementi Outdoor Free Outdoor Venue

Multi-purpose Hall

Water Cooler

518 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 129907 Clementi Mrt
Hybrid Fitness Gym S$25 per hour (depending on the package) Gym Equipment

Car Park Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

Orchard Shopping Centre Somerset Mrt
MAX OUT Fitness Gym S$21 per hour (depending on the package) Gym Equipment

Lead Generation

181 Orchard Road

Orchard Central

Singapore 238896

Somerset Mrt


Fort Canning Park


Looking for an inspiring and picturesque location to conduct your lesson? Then Fort Canning is the place for you. The historical park comes with natural hills and slopes and offers a scenic view for your clients, making it a perfect place for you to conduct a fun outdoor bootcamp. As the park is a public space, the space is free for all to use but do take note that any additional equipment that you require must be brought by you or your clients.

An example of this would be FitBeat, a fitness community headed by ACE certified personal trainer Fabian Hartman. They frequently conduct outdoor bootcamps at Fort Canning Hills, making use of its natural terrain to create fun and engaging workouts for its participants. So if you are looking for a scenic and enjoyable outdoor location, head down to Fort Canning Park and have fun with your classes.


Unstoppable Fitness


Looking for a gym space is cutting edge equipment? This will be the place for you. Unstoppable Fitness aims to empower personal trainers and aspiring fitness professionals by providing an exceptional gym space in the CBD area. Complete with state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled services. At Unstoppable Fitness, you can elevate your career and deliver transformative results to your clients.

If you are interested in booking a space at Unstoppable Fitness for you and your client for personal training or small group classes, download the vibefam app now and buy a freelance package with Unstoppable Fitness!


Sports ActiveSG @ Clementi

Maybe you just want your clients to get a good work out session without the use of any fancy equipment and facilities. Luckily for you, ActiveSG has many sports facilities located around Singapore, allowing you to make use of the free space available at these venues. An example would be the ActiveSG sports centre located at Clementi. The biggest factor of such a venue would probably be cost, as the outdoor space is made for the public and completely free of charge! If you ever need an indoor space, ActiveSG also provides multi-purpose facilities that you can book through the app.

For instance, The Daily Movement is one of the fitness providers that make use of such a space. They frequently make use of the Clementi Sunsetway Fitness area to conduct outdoor bootcamps, personal training and more. If you wish to find out more about the available free spaces for an outdoor fitness class, make sure to check out our previous blog on “What are some free outdoor spaces to conduct fitness classes in Singapore?”.


Hybrid Fitness


On the other hand, you could be a freelance personal trainer looking for a gym space available for you and your client to have a private personal training session. In that case, Hybrid Fitness could be your place of choice. The space is roughly 2100 square feet and has all the gym equipment you would have in a conventional gym. There is a car park available for those who wish to drive, as well as a wheelchair accessible entrance, just to list a few of the facilities provided. 

If you are keen on making use of Hybrid Fitness, you can book a slot for freelance personal training through the vibefam app. Prices start from as low as S$25 per hour for a freelance personal training session! 


MAX OUT Fitness


Another premium location for you to have your personal training session would be MAX OUT Fitness. MAX OUT Fitness is a private boutique gym conveniently located in central Singapore, Orchard Central. They offer a conducive gym space for freelance trainers to conduct their trainings at low prices. Unlike most gyms, they also provide lead generation for trainers to boost and expand client base.

Looking to secure a space at MAX OUT Fitness for your freelance personal training session? What are you waiting for? Download the vibefam app and book the space for you and your clients now!



In conclusion, the options available for a freelance trainer to conduct a fitness class are as many as you can possibly imagine. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the type of class you are conducting, the equipment and facilities you require, as well as the size of the class (if it is an indoor space). I hope this article has helped you narrow down a few possible options for you as a freelance fitness instructor. If you ever decide to open your own physical fitness studio in the future, do check out our previous article on “How do I have a successful launch day for my fitness studio?”.

This article was written by Jayden Ling.

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