Choosing the right scent to improve

Choosing the right scent to improve member experience in your fitness studio

Sense of smell is actually the most powerful of our five senses as it is closely linked to emotions and memory, which is why having a proper scent is an integral part of a fitness studio. Have you ever considered the effects that scent can have on our athletic performance? It helps gym-goers feel relaxed while focusing on their workouts and always leaving them in a positive state of mind which pushes them to go the extra mile. Having a pleasant scent in your studio will not only improve the overall performance of your clients but also increases your studio’s appeal to the public. Knowledge of the various scents and their benefits would also help to create an unforgettable experience in your studio. Let us find out more in the subsequent paragraphs! 


The power of scent should never be underestimated as it can be a form of branding for your studio. A signature scent is like a business logo in its own fragrant way as it creates a sense of familiarity among your members. Because scent, emotions, and memory are so closely intertwined, a subtle fragrance would be able to trigger emotion, pleasant memory as well as enhance the overall experience. 


Besides being a cost-effective way to strengthen your gym branding, it is also an intrinsic part of customer bonding and loyalty. Furthermore, cleanliness would be one of the top priorities among your members and a foul-smelling bathroom is the last thing that they would want to experience. Making use of scenting solutions would be one of the best ways to eliminate bathroom odors and it ensures that members leave your studio feeling good. The pleasant scent will always allow people to feel welcomed and motivated, hence always wanting to return to your studio!



However, there is more to choosing a scent than meets the eye. There are many different fragrances in the market and the key to choosing the right fragrance for your studio would be understanding your studio and clients’ needs. 


Some popular scents include chamomile, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and citrus, which promotes a sense of community. 


Welcoming Scents 

  • Rosemary and cardamom are always used to provide a welcoming scent, enhancing your members’ experiences

Meditation and Serenity 

  • Especially for yoga studios, refreshing blends like eucalyptus and orange will aid in meditation and serenity. Some effective scents to relieve tension and enhance relaxation of mind and muscles include sandalwood, sage, cinnamon, and ginger.


  • Before workouts, it is always good to have scents like mint, white tea, fig, and peppermint as they inspire activity and create motivation. Rosemary and grapefruit scents are also good alternatives to energize us by stimulating our mind and memory!


  • Lastly, for post-workouts, chamomile, wintergreen, and frankincense help to relieve the pain of bruises, stiff joints, and sore muscles.


While scenting gyms are becoming more common, there are plenty of ways in which you can infuse the various scents mentioned above in your studio. One of the most common methods would be a diffuser which creates a way for essential oils to spread through your studio space. This is especially useful for smaller boutique gyms and studios with a small and cosy space. 

Here are some of our favourite recommendations:


Awakening Reed Diffuser from local artisanal fragrance label, SIX ~ $48.00


Home Perfume Tui & Kahili from Ashley&Co ~ from $88.00



Reed diffuser lemongrass from HYSSES ~ $49.90


All in all, having a scenting solution helps to foster a pleasant environment, enhance your members’ experiences, reduce odors and provide a point of difference in marketing for your studio. The scent you choose can have a significant impact on the ambience in your studio, but over time, you might want to try out different scents and get feedback from your members to find the most suitable fragrance for your studio!



This article is written by Lim Wan Qi.



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