How vibefam has helped studios adapt

How boutique fitness studios can adapt to a changing macro environment 

Changes in the fitness industry have been complicated and accelerated by the pandemic, the period of uncertainty served as a stark reminder that entrepreneurs need to be flexible and quick to adapt to the evolving fitness landscape. 

vibefam was started with a simple mission to take fitness entrepreneurs from 0 to 1. We aim to make this a breeze for boutique fitness studios by empowering our partners with the perfect solution to scale and grow their community. 

Here’s how vibefam has helped our partners – Impact MMA, True Inclusion & Om Factory (MY) over the year! 

What made you choose vibefam as a choice of booking solution? 
vibefam is a Singapore-based company. For many of our partners in the APAC region, we’re only a call away! 

“When we were on the previous platform, they were based overseas so contacting them was tough. There were a lot of issues that we ran into and had to be put on call for a few hours just for a chance at resolution. vibefam being a local Singaporean company was the most important criterion for us, as they can respond quickly to our concerns and understand how we function better.” – Impact MMA

“It being from Singapore it was a major factor, due to the reduced communication challenges.” – True Inclusion 


vibefam is also committed to keeping prices low, we believe that quality solutions should be accessible to all. 


“Very affordable with all the available features as the other solutions I came across could be over 1k monthly’’- Om Factory (MY) 


What was the process like getting started on vibefam?

vibefam’s onboarding process is made quick and simple, all you need is one hour! It is intuitive enough for you to get yourself set up, and our trusty account managers are always available to guide you through it if needed. 


“It was actually pretty smooth, it took 1-2 months to iron out all the kinks but the onboarding process was done in a day. Membership migration-wise, we imported a file from my previous platform and vibefam helped to tidy up the list to prepare it for migration. A few emails were sent back and forth over a week and we’re done just like that!” – Impact MMA

“It was pretty smooth given there was a lot to transition over.” – True Inclusion 


How has vibefam helped you adapt to the recent changes over the past months?

One of the issues we had before joining vibefam was the growing cost of our existing platform. Vibefam keeps it simple, neat and easy. Their price point is also affordable and that has helped us save a bit of money. 

The overview gives me a clear view of where our income is coming from which is also a nice touch.” – Impact MMA 

“The contact and helpline was very very helpful given we had time constraints.” – True Inclusion

Ease all the administrative work in booking and other processes” – Om Factory (MY)


What changes within the fitness industry and your studio do you anticipate or wish to see in the coming months?

“We expect more students to sign up as covid peters out. So we hope that vibefam can stay with us to help with the eventual influx of students.” – Impact MMA

“A greater appreciation of the value of the class.” – OM Factory (MY)

“An awareness towards inclusivity” – True Inclusion 



Our Values 

vibefam has been working alongside fitness entrepreneurs over the years, and we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and build a solution early-stage fitness entrepreneurs deserve. 

Interested in finding out how vibefam can help your studio? Click here to explore our solutions!

This article was written by Liza Wee

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