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Over the last few years, we have seen the rapid growth of Singapore’s fitness industry and an increase in the number of players in this space. In this highly competitive landscape, fitness businesses can significantly benefit from forging partnerships with each other. In this week’s blog post, we will explore the various advantages of fitness business partnerships, as well as highlighting some examples of successful partnerships in Singapore.

Here are some benefits of fitness partnerships:

  • Boosts your reputation

If you’re starting out as a boutique fitness gym, partnerships with other businesses allow you to grow your brand awareness and increase your gym’s credibility as well. Customers are more likely to trust a gym that has established partnerships with other well-known businesses.

  • Shared expertise

Be it a shared space, the sharing of tools or even shared manpower, all these help in streamlining your business and cutting your costs. The sharing of expertise also goes both ways, consisting of the leveraging of each other’s strengths and complementing one another.

  • Broadens your customer base

Their customers become your customers! This greatly reduces the customer acquisition costs and also allows for the cross-selling of each other’s services and products which creates more value and drives more traffic to your gym.

Having established the benefits that gyms like yourself can reap from fitness partnerships, let’s look into some examples of these partnerships in Singapore!


Core Collective

Core Collective is a premier fitness and wellness center that boasts state-of-the-art facilities and offers a range of services, from personal training to group fitness classes and even nutrition coaching. What sets them apart is their innate drive to support business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only do they provide a space of coworking as well as access to these facilities, they also provide brand promotion and professional development opportunities to these businesses. Some brands which they partner with include The Movement Space, BASI Pilates Academy – Singapore and Cindy Roberts Fitness.


Necessary Provisions & SmartFit Pilates

Ever wanted to grab a quick bite after your fitness class? That was the very idea behind this partnership, with Necessary Provisions, a cafe, nestled within the SmartFit Pilates vicinity. Not only does it cater to both fitness enthusiasts and people cafe hopping in the area, it brings an added value and convenience to customers with these additional services.


Grounded, by Common Man Coffee Roasters & Yoga Movement

Looking for a coffee spot after your yoga class with an outdoor patio? Grounded by CMCR is the place to go. Grounded was the new coffee concept started by Yoga Movement with the help of Common Man Coffee Roasters. Aside from the shared expertise of an established coffeehouse, both share the same building right at the heart of Orchard road.


To sum up, as a gym, forming partnerships with other businesses in Singapore can offer a multitude of benefits, from increased exposure and shared resources to access to expertise and increased revenue overall. With collaboration, you can provide an added value to your customers, attract new clientele, and better position yourselves as leaders in the fitness industry.

This article was written by Karys Lam.

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