What are some free outdoor spaces

What are some free outdoor spaces to conduct fitness classes in Singapore?

The good thing about having a boutique fitness studio or being a freelance instructor in Singapore is that there are tons of free outdoor spaces for you to conduct fitness classes. As a lot of these outdoor spaces are close to residential areas, it makes it extremely convenient for people to take part in fitness classes conducted at those spaces. This helps you attract new members to your fitness community. 

Not only are these spaces mostly free of charge, it is also extremely apt now that outdoor fitness classes are up and coming. All you need is to be a registered instructor and then book these spaces ahead of time. We will include more details about instructor registration at the end of the blogpost.


Choosing the right facilities to conduct your outdoor fitness classes

When choosing an outdoor space to conduct your fitness classes, the first thing you can think about is to consider the nature of the type of fitness classes you are conducting. For example, many freelance instructors choose to conduct Yoga classes out in nature, say in a park or a garden. This is because Yoga is all about feeling connected and at peace with the world around us, and according to an article by Into Yoga & Nature, practicing Yoga outdoors in nature helps people feel a greater connection with the Earth and the Universe. 


Another thing to consider would be if you need any specific features from the space that you are conducting outdoor classes at. For example, if you are conducting a Skateboarding class, the texture of the ground of the outdoor space you are looking at should be something you take notice of. Other specific features to consider can include artificial grass, running track, sheltered space, open-air grass space etc.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the 3 separate avenues available for booking of outdoor spaces in Singapore.


1. SportsSG Facilities


Photo: The Daily Movement at Clementi Sports Centre Multi-Purpose Court


One of the best places to conduct your fitness classes would be at SportsSG Facilities. Not only is it free of charge, from multi-purpose courts to open-air grass spaces, there are tons of spaces to choose from. You can check out the full list of SportsSG Facilities as well as the details on booking of their facilities here. Some of the more popular fitness classes conducted at SportsSG Facilities include circuit training, high intensity interval training and strength training. 


The Daily Movement, one of our clients, is also one fitness studio that conducts bootcamp classes at SportsSG Facilties. You can check them out and book into their classes on the vibefam app!


2. Parks


Photo: Ignite Fitness at East Coast Park


Parks are by far one of the most popular spaces to book to conduct outdoor fitness classes at. Similar to SportsSG Facilities, they are free of charge to book as well! The more popular fitness classes to conduct at parks would be Yoga, Dance and Muay Thai. Some of the locations you can check out would be Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Eco Lake, which is a popular location for yoga classes, as well as Bishan Park’s Ficus Green. Most of the parks and gardens in Singapore are managed by National Park Boards and you can find out more about booking them here.


Likewise, if you are a student and you are interested in attending fitness classes conducted at a park, you can check out Ignite Fitness and Yoga in the Park on the vibefam app.


3. HDB Common Areas 



Last but not least, another option for outdoor spaces to conduct fitness classes would be at HDB Common Areas. You would be surprised at the variety of spaces to choose from and the many different types of classes that can be conducted at HDB Common Areas. Popular ones include Parkour, Zumba Dance and even Piloxing. 


While the other venues featured here are completely free, one thing to note is that booking of HDB Common Areas does come with a small fee and bookings have to be made with the respective Town Councils in charge of the areas you are looking at. One district with a variety of spaces to choose from would be the common areas of Ang Mo Kio GRC, Kebun Baru SMC and Yio Chu Kang SMC, which have outdoor spaces ranging from pavilions to void decks to open space turfs and more. You can check out their booking fees on the Ang Mo Kio Town Council website here.


HDB Common Areas are not a stranger to fitness studios and instructors. Some fitness studios that conduct classes at these spaces include SG Movement Practice and MOVE Academy!


If you are not already a registered instructor and are interested in booking these outdoor spaces, do register online early as an email response will be given within three working days. You can begin your registration here! Registered instructors must keep a digital/physical copy of the email as proof of successful registration, which may be requested by Enforcement Officers or Safe Distancing Ambassadors during random checks. When conducting your fitness classes, do remember to take note of safe distancing measures! 


Here at vibefam, we want you to know that we support fitness studios and freelance instructors that conduct fitness classes at outdoor spaces as well. Another of such studios you can check out on top of the ones above would be Liv Outdoor, which you can book classes with on the vibefam app. If you are a fitness studio or freelance instructor who is interested in our booking solution, you can find out more about us at www.vibefam.com!


This article was written by Kwok Shu Ning.


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