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With the rising population of people who are increasingly health-conscious, the fitness industry has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. Within the fitness industry, boutique fitness has become the new fashion. 


What is ‘Boutique Fitness’? ​​A small gym that focuses on one or two specific fitness types,  where there is a great focus on community and building a close relationship between the instructors and the students. In Hong Kong, we have witnessed boutique fitness studios taking over the market, with businesses offering group training and customized personal training.


What’s the boutique fitness charm all about?


Compared with traditional gyms, boutique fitness provides a myriad of options including specialized programs that are customized to the fitness goals of the individual. Here we explain three main reasons explaining why people love boutique fitness.

1. Personalization


One of the main attractions of boutique fitness is personalized and tailor-made fitness. You would be given closer attention from your instructors if you are participating in a small class or having your own personal trainer. You are probably not able to enjoy these services when you enroll in a larger mainstream fitness gym. Also, boutique studios pay a great deal of attention to customer service, which means they will pay more attention to your needs, bringing that personal touch to customer support such as when you need help with rearrangement of class schedules. 


In Hong Kong, Pilates is one of the fastest-growing fitness categories. By definition, it’s a low-impact exercise designed to strengthen muscles while improving posture alignment and flexibility. It’s no surprise that the hectic lifestyle and long office hours have prompted many to sign up for Pilates classes to improve their overall wellness. The merit of joining a boutique fitness class ensures that you get the full attention of the instructor, which helps you master the correct Pilates technique and get the best results from each training session.

2. Variety



Boutique fitness brings you a variety of choices from strength training and HIIT to yoga and pilates, with many studios offering luxurious amenities and facilities to complete your experience. For example, Flex is a fitness boutique studio that offers a variety of courses combining strengthening with deep breathing – from pilates to aerial yoga, Xtend Barre to HIIT. They always offer discount packages to attract new customers, such as offering an additional 3 months membership or a one-week free trial.


If you love a certain type of fitness exercise, you are more likely to find your tribe and commit to a studio that can enhance your practice. For example, many Hong Kong yoga studios offer teacher training certification courses to help you hone specific skills that may one day allow you to start teaching! 


3. Community


Most boutique studios attach great importance to this sense of community, which keeps clients coming back again and again. These small classes will definitely establish a close relationship between you and the instructors, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

Doing exercise with your instructor and other members will usually motivate you to continue and give you the motivation to complete it. This is the social connection and support you cannot get from exercising alone.

Boutique fitness businesses have unique needs and requirements, that’s why we built vibefam to help you scale your fitness tribe. Schedule a personalized product demo with us today to find out how we could support your boutique fitness business.


This article was written by Annissa Lee Nga Yin.

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