Where can I rent a yoga

Where can I rent a yoga studio by the hour in Singapore?

In one of our past blog posts, we talked about some of the outdoor spaces in Singapore that you can rent for free to conduct your fitness classes at. In today’s post, we take it indoors. We give you the lowdown on where you can rent a yoga studio by the hour in Singapore!


1. Get Spaces



GetSpaces got you covered for rental of event space by the hour. From meetings, workshops to dance or yoga, they have a wide range of venues for different activities. You can filter the search by Date, Price Range, Number of Pax, Type of Space, Amenities Available and Nearest Mrt. You can also chat with hosts on the platform to directly find out more about your space. GetSpaces have a mobile application as well! Their spaces range from anywhere between $3.50/h to $900/h.



Choose Yoga in the drop down menu for activity and begin your search for the right studio for you. As there is a specific Yoga category on this platform, there are tons of suitable yoga studios for rental on GetSpaces. For yoga specific studios, it ranges at $20/h to $150/h and averages at around $25/h. 



One of the most suitable yoga studios we found is Studio Space @ Quaint Shophouse, Jalan Besar. Not only is it affordable at $25/h and can fit a class of 15 pax, you can also request for yoga mats free of charge from the Hosts after booking. Click here to check out more of such studios for rent by the hour on Get Spaces!

2. Gorilla Spaces


Gorilla Space mainly focuses on Venue and Office Spaces. Simply begin your search by selecting venues to see some of the studios available for rent by the hour! You can filter the search by Venue/Office Space, Type of Venue/Office, Amenities and Maximum Capacity. You can also contact the hosts directly on Whatsapp by clicking into the further details of the space on the site. The venue spaces here range from $50/h to $200/h.



Simply search Yoga in the search engine to find some suitable venue spaces that could be to your liking! The Yoga spaces on this site range from $50/h to $200/h. The Yoga spaces on this site range from $50/h to $200/h and average around $70/h.



One of the more suitable yoga studios we found is Event space for 15 on Amoy Street – Studio 2. The venue is bright and airy and has 2 large mirrors. It has a maximum capacity of 25 and starts at $70/h for a minimum booking of 2 hours. Click here to check out more on Gorilla Space


3. Venuerific



For Venuerific, you can similarly key in Yoga under the activity and begin your search for the perfect studio! Venuerific is more geared towards event spaces, so you may have to sift through the search results to find something that is more specific towards your requirements. Search can be filled by Activity, Number of Guests and Location. However, not all venues on Venuerific go by the hour, they also go buy full day rental price.



One of the spaces we found that has a huge space and could possibly be used for Yoga is Social Affinity. As mentioned earlier, not all the prices are transparent on the website on Venuerific, so you do have to enquire with the hosts through the platform by sending in an enquiry or a Whatsapp message. Check out Venuerific for more!


With that, we have summed up some of the avenues that you can use to look for Yoga Studios for rent by the hour in Singapore. We hope that our article has been informative and helpful for you!

This article was written by Kwok Shu Ning.


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