How to become a Pilates Trainer

How to become a Pilates Trainer in Singapore

Pilates has been practised since the 1920s, originally developed to rehabilitate wounded soldiers. Over the years, due to its effectiveness and timelessness, it has only gained more recognition and popularity has boomed. The Asia-Pacific pilates and yoga studios market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.9%, so, it’s safe to say pilates is here to stay. But before you pursue this career path, it is important to note that becoming a pilates instructor requires you to invest a good amount of time, commitment and money. With numerous excellent certifications and courses in the market, the options can be overwhelming. Here we’ve complied certifications, courses and studios in Singapore to jumpstart your instructor journey.

1) Types of pilates 

Before you jump into attending various courses, it would be beneficial to expose yourself to the different types of pilates and choose a genre that you enjoy. This a great opportunity to ask lots of questions and find out more about your instructors’ training and certification. Here are some of the types of pilates classes available:  

Classical Pilates

Pilates from the 1920s. Original form of pilates designed by Joseph Pilates. Classical Pilates typically combines mat and apparatus work following steps in a particular order which is designed to move the body through a full range of movements.

Mat Pilates 

Mat Pilates is the most accessible form of Pilates, it can be done anywhere with no equipment needed. This normally makes it much cheaper and also easier to do in a class.

Contemporary Pilates aka hybrid pilates

Contemporary Pilates is a variation of Classical Pilates combined with contemporary forms of exercise such as physiotherapy, yoga, aerobics, aerials etc. whilst also incorporating modern knowledge of the body and biomechanics.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates exercises done with some special types of machines are known as reformer Pilates. They are best for the spine, legs, and shoulders. Free Fitness Instructor Assisting Woman Doing Pilates Stock Photo

Stott pilates 

STOTT aims to restore the original curve of the spin and protect ad improve the muscles surrounding the joints. 


2) Certifications and courses 

Unlike other fitness disciplines, the Pilates Industry is not regulated. If you do not take the exams, you’ll be a Pilates-trained instructor. After completing the exams, you will be a certified Pilates instructor. 

Here is a compiled list of certifications and courses in Singapore to kickstart your learning or continue your education:  

Studio Details  Duration  Price 
National Pilates Certification program (NPCP)



  • Mat
  • Reformer
  • Trapeze Table
  • Wunda Chair
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Spine Corrector
  • Magic Circle


  • Lectures: History of Pilates, anatomy, special populations
  • Observation hours (student observes an experienced teacher)
  • Practice Teaching (under the guidance of an experienced teacher)
  • Self-Practice hours

NCPC certification exam: 

  • 125 MCQs
min. 450 hrs  Basic level 1: S$100-S$300 

Comprehensive programe: S$3,000-S$5,000

Exam: S$295 (includes first 2 years of certification)

Breathe Pilates 

MERRITHEW™ Licensed Training Center


  • Mat and equipment focused 

Other training courses: 

  • Intensive Mat-plus®
  • Intensive Reformer
  • Intensive Cadillac
  • Intensive Chair
  • Injuries And Special Populations
  • Zen-ga®
  • Intensive Barrels
  • Total Barre®
10 – 50 hrs (depending on course)  Functional Anatomy 

  • Course Fee S$1200
  • Material S$130
  • Anatomy Review – S$540

Intensive Mat Plus

  • Course – $1800
  • Materials – $320
  • Support book – $60
  • Total – $2180

Intensive Reformer

  • Course – $2400
  • Materials – $410
  • Total – $2810

Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels 

  • Course – $2400
  • Materials – $900
  • Total – $3300
Pilatique (SG & MY) 

MERRITHEW™ Licensed Training Center

STOTT PILATES™ Intensive Program (Level 1)

  • Anatomy Review and Postural Analysis Review Workshop, or the Functional Anatomy course
  • Min. 30 classes 
    • Intensive Mat-Plus™ 
    • Intensive Reformer 
    • Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels
Not published Not published
STOTT PILATES™ Advanced Program (Level 2)

  • Advanced Matwork 
  • Advanced Reformer 
  • Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels 
  • Injuries & Special Populations 
Not published Not published

  • Clinical problem solving using the STOTT PILATES method
  • A focus on spinal, pelvic and scapular conditions
  • Over 35 exercises plus multiple modifications
  • Eligible for certified professionals only**
18 hours of instruction and supervised teaching

min. 6 hours observation w min. 10 hours physical review

min. 10 hours practice teaching w 

Total: 44 hours

1.8 CEC Credits
FitNut Academy


  • Mat 
  • Reformer 
7-week course  Not published
Body Tree Academy (SG & MY)

Curriculum for 2023: 

Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification (Jan 2023)

  • Induction (10 hrs)
  • Immersion (30 Hours)
  • Certification (30 Hours)
70 hrs  Not published

  • Classroom (60 hrs)
  • Practice (15 hrs)
  • Student teaching (15 hours)
100+ hrs  S$3,907

Special Offers:

All Registrations before 1 Jan 2023: 


Registrations before 1 Mar 2023 (for intake TWO ONLY):


Spine Corrector Teacher Certification (18 & 19 April 2023) 2 days  S$699
Comprehensive Teacher Certification (all in one)

  • Classroom (124 hrs) 
  • Self Study (80 hrs)
  • Self Practice (60 hrs)
  • Observation (15 hrs)
  • Student teaching (45 hrs)


  • Pilates Matwork
  • Spine Corrector
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac, High Barrel and Wunda Chair
400+ hr / 36 – 56 weeks Not published
Options Pilates Studio

Full range of Pilates Academy International Courses and certification from Pilates on Fifth in NY

Basic: Anatomy, Biomechanics & Posture Analysis

12 hrs  S$549
40-hour Matwork courses (All Populations Mat or APM)

  • All Populations Mat I
  • All Populations Mat II
20 – 95 hrs Mat I: S$1780

Mat II: S$380

50-hour Reformer courses (All Populations Reformer or APR)

  • All Populations Reformer I
  • All Populations Reformer II
50 – 55 hrs  Reformer I: S$2480

Reformer II: S$1300

Full Studio courses (All Populations Cadillac, Chair and Barrels or APCCB)

  • All Populations Cadillac I & II
  • All Populations Chair I & II
  • All Populations Barrel I & II 
25 – 70 hrs 

25 – 55 hrs 

11 – 24 hrs 

Chair, Cadillac & Barrels I: S$2480

Chair, Cadillac & Barrels I: S$1500


Here is a quick guide to a recommended course lineup by Merrithew.
3. Finding Employment

Depending on the studio you work with, some may allow you to start right away after the course without the exams. Pilates trainer openings in Singapore are not limited, source opportunities by searching job sites and explore traineeships and apprenticeships in studios you are interested in. 

Job sites: 

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • MyCareersFuture SG
Studio Trainee Program Requirements 
Breathe Pilates  


2 interviews + in-house training programme 

  • 1st interview: during the course 
  • 2nd interview: character and commitment
  • In-house training: 3 levels of mocks and exams 
Options Pilates Studio  Apprenticeship scheme: 

  • 35 hrs per week 
  • Able to use Pilates equipment, participate in group classes and practice
  • Certified Pilates instructor after the apprentice period 


For freelance pilates trainers, you can consider renting a studio space per hour. Some studios provide all the equipment you would ever need to conduct your lessons.

Pilates Studio  Details Rental Fees 
Core Fitness 


2000 sqft facility includes: 

  • 4 Reformers
  • 2 Cadillacs
  • 1 Wunda chair,
  • 1 Ladder barrel
  • 2 Spine correctors
  • and Many small props

All equipment and props are from Balanced Body.

Not published 
Modern Pilates 


Single Equipment/ Whole studio

  • Combi Reformer
  • Reformer
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Wunda Chair
  • Mat with Mirror (Soft 10mm)
  • Cadillac
  • Combi Mat (leather mat)
Not published 


** Pilates Matwork only** 

  • Yoga Mats and Props
S$23 – S$68 per hr 

(depends on time) 

Stepping Out Studio **Suitable for Yoga or Pilates Matwork only** Not published 


In a nutshell

Being a pilates instructor can be fulfilling, and there are great opportunities and resources to continue upgrading your expertise in this space. If you are ready to improve the well-being of others and turn this passion into a profession in this exciting space, there’s no better time than now to start exploring your course options.


This article was written by Liza Wee

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