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As more and more people begin to understand the importance of one’s health in the fast-paced city life, there has been a notable growth acceleration in the fitness & wellness industry in Hong Kong over the past 5 years. Boutique fitness studios in Hong Kong are typically concentrated in the Sheung Wan – Central area. While there are merits to opening a fitness studio in Central where crowds are buzzing, we look at alternative locations worth considering to build your fitness community.

1. Tsim Sha Tsui


Tsim Sha Tsui is located in Yau Tsim Mong district which is one of the fastest growing districts in terms of affluence based on a report done by JLL Hong Kong. With the many high-rise office and residential buildings, Tsim Sha Tsui has a similar disposition to the Central region. Moreover, in recent years, there has been an increasing number of  non-locals living in  Tsim Sha Tsui which makes it convenient if you want to use English as your medium of instruction. If your studio targets the middle and upper middle class population, you might want to consider opening your studio in the Tsim Sha Tsui area.


Average monthly rent price: HK$ 35 – 47/ft²

Existing studio: Barre Formula and Feel Fit Factory

2. Sha Tin

Sha Tin district is the most populous district in Hong Kong with as many as 684,800 people living there. It is also considered to be one of the most developed areas in New Territories. Yet there are not many boutique fitness studios that are existingly operating in this area. We think there might be a potential for new businesses to start out in this area.  Looking at its population demographics, Sha Tin has a rather balanced age profile distribution which makes it suitable for fitness studios targeting any age group.

Average monthly rent price: HK$ 15-39/ft²

Existing studio: CHASER Dance & Fitness Studio and Busybody Fitness Centre

3. Lai Chi Kok

Lai Chi Kok is located on the MTR red line, one station away from Cheung Sha Wan. Not only does the area have a lot of residential buildings, there are also many industrial and office buildings. With that being said, this area might be more suitable for studios with lower cost memberships that target young adults.


Average monthly rent price: HK$ 15-31/ft²

Existing studio: Prajna Yoga and The Warehouse Dance Studio

Conducting classes in your own space can really bring out the character of your own brand, and elevate the boutique fitness studio experience. Many pay premium prices to enjoy the personalized experience and social connections that only boutique fitness classes can bring. On the other hand, renting or owning your own studio means higher overhead costs and more operational work to get things running. In Hong Kong where property prices are sky high, the financial risk of having your own place might be too much for some to manage.



To counter the cons of renting a physical space for your studio, you can consider utilizing free outdoor spaces like public parks to conduct your classes in the initial stages of starting your own boutique fitness brand. Furthermore, with strict COVID-19  restrictions, fitness enthusiasts are increasingly preferring outdoor classes. Depending on the workout type, some public areas are free to use while some are not. Similarly, some areas require advanced booking, while some are not. Click here for further information. 


Some popular outdoor spaces include Tamar Park, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, and Tung Chung North Park. While conducting classes in outdoor open spaces might be an attractive option if you’re opening the business on a lean budget, consider the need to transport equipment when you move across different locations especially when you start to have a growing clientele base.




Another option you can consider is conducting the class virtually. Common platforms that support virtual classes include Zoom and Google Meets, with subscription plans starting from $0. Some other platforms that are commonly used in the fitness & wellness industry would be Zype. Even though it is less cost-effective than Zoom and Google Meet, it helps in delivering in-gym experience virtually. On-demand and live streaming services can also be supported by Uscreen. However, while virtual classes provide a greater sense of convenience, it limits the level of interaction and social connections that can be built when conducting classes virtually.



No matter where you conduct your classes, a booking solution is always an integral part of any boutique fitness business. Vibefam provides a cost-effective option for you to enjoy a one-stop solution for class scheduling, member engagement and studio analytics.  To find out more about our product and get a free personalized demo, schedule a product demo with us here.


This article was written by Fidelia Dwiksa.



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