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Singapore has long been renowned for its vibrant and innovative fitness scene, constantly evolving and introducing new and unconventional classes that challenge and engage participants. In this week’s blogpost, we will highlight three of the latest and most exciting trends in the Singaporean fitness landscape, featuring the following gyms: Exergame, Bbounce and CLMB Studio.

Exergame 4D

Exergaming is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained significant popularity in Singapore in recent years. It involves combining physical exercise with interactive video gaming, providing a fun and dynamic workout experience. Leading the way in this trend is Exergame 4D, which offers an extensive range of interactive fitness classes with the use of motion sensors and gamification. Initially starting its gym in Korea, it has partnered with Ascend Fitness to launch its first ever space in Singapore.

Location: Ascend Fitness, Basement 1 (YMCA Building), 1 Orchard Road, Singapore 238824

Price: $20 ~ $30 per class for packages


Bbounce is another exciting trend in Singapore that utilizes trampolines to create a high-intensity, low-impact workout. This type of workout is perfect for improving cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and balance. Bounce Singapore is a leading studio in this area, offering a variety of classes that cater to different fitness levels and goals.

Location: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Rd, #06 – 09, Singapore 238843

Price: $20 ~ $32 per class for a 10 ~ 20 package bundle

CLMB Studio

CLMB Studio is another exciting fitness class that has recently emerged in Singapore. This high-intensity, low-impact workout combines climbing, yoga, and strength training in one unique experience. The class takes place on a VersaClimber, which is a vertical climbing machine that provides a full-body workout while being gentle on joints. CLMB Studio is suitable for all fitness levels and is perfect for individuals seeking a challenging yet fun workout that targets multiple muscle groups. This class is a great way to add variety to a workout routine while improving overall fitness levels.

Location: OUE Downtown Gallery 02-04, 6A Shenton Way, 068815

Price: $15 ~ $20 per climb for bundles

Note: There are various options available, ranging from trial classes to bundles and unlimited packages.

Singapore continues to offer a dynamic and innovative fitness scene, with an array of exciting new classes constantly emerging. Whether individuals seek high-energy or more relaxed, low-impact workouts, there are options available to suit their preferences. Exploring these new waves of fitness classes can be an excellent way to challenge oneself and achieve personal fitness goals.

This article was written by Karys Lam.

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